The NONSTANDARD project is a collective initiative of people interested in sound and music. It started with a small group of friends which wanted to share their music without any particular concept or restriction in relation to their background or creative style. The only goal was to make available to others the music that many of us produce and do not necessarily share with others.

Some of us take the lead in contacting people and organizing the production of a new work, but we don't take any advantage or benefit from that (we refer to ourselves as the NonStandard team). The intention is to give all the protagonism to those that wish to share their work within the NonStandard project framework. Our intention is only to listen to good music, help other sharing their music, and meet interesting people along the journey.

Whereas the first NonStandard initiative started with a small group of friends, in this second initiate we have already expanded to other people. This is done simply by contacting people that we happen to meet in out daily lives and suggesting them to participate in the project. This project is open to any composer or artist regardless of their past experience. And it is not hard to find people interested in making music really, thus we keep the project going with great enthusiasm. We also try, whenever possible, to help the participants of each NonStandard initiative in various ways. One of them is to attempt to have their music performed, another is to connect them to other people in ways which can be mutually beneficial.

In 2012, the NonStandard team has opened a new call for works. See NonStandard II for more details.